Hastings man cited for white supremacist poster

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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - Police Thursday cited a Hastings man for a white supremacist poster placed on a light pole near 14th and Burlington Avenue.

William Rempel, 50, was cited for misdemeanor criminal mischief and for a violation of Hastings city code. Hastings police sergeant Brian Hessler told NBC Nebraska that the poster used "peel and stick" material and was difficult to remove. It is illegal to post any sign on a City of Hastings pole.

Hessler said they had been investigating a number of incidents involving illegal posters.

Mayor Corey Stutte released a statement on Facebook, which said "I was made aware of a white supremacist poster that was placed on a light pole in the City of Hastings today. This racist ideology is against everything that our community and our nation stands for and this evil is not welcome in Hastings."

The Hastings police department issued this news release Thursday afternoon regarding the incident:

"During the afternoon of Wednesday August 16th 2017 the Hastings Police Department became aware that
posters were being placed on utility poles nears the intersection of West 14th Street and North Burlington
Ave. Additionally, we learned that posters were affixed to the utility poles with adhesive and that the
removal of the posters required an investment in both material costs and labor.

Our officers conducted a criminal investigation into who placed the posters on the poles based on Hastings
City Code 18-101 which states, “No person, except a duly authorized public officer or employee, shall erect,
construct or maintain, paste, paint, print, nail, tack, tape or otherwise fasten or affix, any card, banner,
handbill, poster, sign, advertisement, or notice of any kind, or cause or suffer the same to be done, on any
curbstone, lamppost, pole, bench, hydrant, bridge, wall, tree, sidewalk or structure in or upon any public
street, alley, or upon any other public property, except as may be required or permitted by ordinance or
law; no person shall deface, mar or disfigure any bridge, fence, building or other structure belonging to
city, or any tree located in any public property or place, by painting, cutting, scratching or breaking the
same, or attaching or affixing anything thereto. (2) Any violation of this ordinance is punishable by a fine
of not less than $50.00, and not more than $250.00”.

Based on the investigation a 50 year old Hastings male was issued a citation for violating the Hastings City
Code and a separate citation for Misdemeanor Criminal Mischief which is a violation of Nebraska State

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