BG&S Transmissions finds new temporary location

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - It's been a month since a massive fire destroyed a local transmission shop and now employees are one step closer to getting back to work.

BG&S Transmissions employees said the owner plans to rebuild in the same location, but since that would take a lot of time, they are going to move into a temporary location.

The temporary location is about a block away from the old site, 219 N. Lexington Ave., and employees said they are happy to be in the same area.

They have been in the old building for about 30 years.

One employee has worked for the company for more than two decades and he said he is glad he still has his job, because he can't imagine working for another company.

"When you work somewhere for 28 years, it's hard to change," Tim Dedrick, a transmission specialist at BG&S Transmissions, said. "You just can't go somewhere else and expect to do something different, it's a hard thing to leave something you've done for that long."

Dedrick said they lost everything in the fire, including information they can't replace. He adds one of the hardest parts about starting over, is buying all the tools and equipment.

"It's all available, but then again you know it's going to take time to accumulate a lot of stuff," Dedrick said. "You don't realize what you lost until you need it, so when it comes down to it, you know you're going to be buying a lot of tools."

Employees said they appreciate everything the owner has done and they are happy he plans to rebuild the business.

The owner hopes to begin renovating the temporary building as soon as next week.