Car fanatics gather for 30th annual Cruise Nite

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KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - Revving engines and shinning cars makes for a perfect Saturday for Bruce Schanbacher.

"When you're a car lover, like most of us here are, we don't get tired of the cars,"said Bruce Schanbacher of Kearney.

He and his wife have been coming to Cruise Nite for about 25 years. They say looking at vintage vehicles reminds them of the good ol days--when they were dating and owned a one-of-a kind car.

"A red super-sport with a big block in it, that was a good time. I didn't let her race the car though. To my knowledge she didn't drag race it," said Schanbacher.

The two--like thousands of others--keep coming back because of the wide variety of classic cars.

"Lots of new Corvettes, and a lot of street rods and muscle cars. Everybody has their own idea of what they like," said Brad Kernick, chairman of Cruise Nite.

While many come for the show, others participate in the parade because it's family tradition.

Brad Slocum started bringing his 1955 Chevrolet years ago. Now he shines his car next to his son.

"We work on our stuff together all the time, both mechanically and aesthetically. It's a good father-son time for me. I enjoy it a lot," said Brad Slocum of Kearney.

His son Brandon says working on cars is a passion he learned early on from his father.

"My dad was always doing it as a kid, so I started helping him turn wrenches. This is what I wanna do," said Brandon Slocum of Kearney.

Brandon says this hobby is something he wants to continue in the future and maybe even pass on to his son years from now.