'Grandson in jail' scam call resurfaces

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LINCOLN, Neb. — The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office sent a warning on Tuesday about a familiar scam call that seems to be making the rounds yet again.

According to the LCSO, the scammer claims that the recipient's grandson has been arrested and needs bond money. Then the phone is typically handed to someone who identifies themselves as Captain Richardson or Captain Michael Richardson with Lincoln Corrections. The faux law enforcement officer then claims that the recipient can't talk with anyone about the call as the DEA is involved in the case.

To get the cash to the scammer, they instruct the victim to go to Walmart to purchase gift cards, they're told not to go to the jail in person, and they're told to call Captain Richardson back with any questions.

The LCSO points out that law enforcement will not use gag orders to prosecute people and that jails do not accept gift cards. Anyone that receives a call should contact other family members for verification that someone really is in trouble and sort through any issues with the Sheriff's Office.

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