Hastings Fire Department educates on the importance of exit plans

The week of October 9th is national Fire Prevention Week.

Many fire units across the area are bringing attention and awareness to the importance of fire prevention and home exiting plans.

All week the Hastings Fire Department has been inviting classrooms to come learn more about what firefighters do, how to prevent fires and what to do in the event of a fire.

This year's main focus is on having two safety exit plans.

Troy Vordersterasse, with the Hastings Fire Department said it's important to educate kids on this, but also for them to practice this in their homes.

"That fire grows so fast, if you haven't practiced that it's hard to think what do I do next? We are trained to think that way. But most people are not. They live their lives, and if they haven't practiced to react in an emergency situation it's not muscle memory for them." he said.

Not only did they learn about exit plan and prevention, they also took tours of the station and got to see the firefighters put on the gear step by step.

Vorderstreasse said it helps kids get familiar with the uniforms and to not be scared in the event a fire fighter were to show up.