How the Presidential Election could affect Nebraskans

ADAMS COUNTY, Neb.-- It was a surprise to many Americans last night as President-elect Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, but now that Trump has won the electoral votes, what happens next is still mystery.

"Now that he's swept into office, taking a lot of Republicans with him, I suspect, from what I can see and hear, that they're embracing them with open arms. However, he doesn't embrace a lot of their policies," said Robert Amyot, Hastings College political science associate professor.

Amyot said how Trump treats illegal immigrants, who grew up in the United States and were given benefits from the Obama administration, could have drastic effects locally.

"If Donald Trump just simply comes in and changes that, then we could have a whole bunch of folks out there all of the sudden, not be able to drive legally or even work legally in the United States," said Amyot.

Even with those unknowns and despite how the two candidates attacked each other this election season, both Republicans and Democrats said it's time to come together and support the newly elected president.

"We almost have two Americas. Our views are just so day and night. If it had gone the other way. I don't know if it had been any easier. It's something we're all going to have to work at," said Deb Carlstrom, vice chair for the Adams County Republican Committee.

"I believe in Democracy. I believe our vote counts. I will positively support president-elect Trump," said Cathy Jensen, chair for the Adams County Democrat Committee.

According Amyot, election years also tend to increase the number of political science majors at Hastings College.

However, Amyot said while that is still the case this year, students are no longer interested in what it takes to sway voters and win elections. Instead, he said students are now more interested in figuring out the problems nationwide and develop policies to fix them.