Kool-Aid Days Once again a big hit in Hastings

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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - Once again the city of Hastings had a chance to feel good about itself during the Kool-Aid Days celebration.

Saturday's gathering at Central Community College started with bright sunshine as a number of youngsters took to the competition to see which could drink their cup of Kool-Aid fastest. In each session, those that won the contest were able to come back, compete again and yes..drink more Kool-Aid.

A number of food vendors joined in the fun as food trucks were all over the grounds to feed people to go along with their Kool-Aid of choice.

Young, old and all in between seemed to be having such a good time, they gave us the impression that they would not want to be anywhere else on this day.

The city of Hastings is certainly thankful for the opportunity to annually celebrate this event.