Local auto experts say to winterize your vehicle before the snow hits

Winter is just around the corner band something you may want to start thinking about if you haven't already, making sure your vehicle is ready for the colder months.

Experts at Pat's Auto Repair & Towing in Hastings say winter can do a lot of damage to your vehicle so it's important to have it properly winterized.

The combination of snow, ice and cold can cause crashes, kill batteries and cause tire issues. That's why it's recommend getting the major things in check before the chill sets in.

"The cold just accelerates if something's in bad condition or if it's weak. So it's just better for us to do preventative maintenance instead of waiting until you're broken down on the side of the road and for us to have to tow you in," said shop manage Todd Tharp.

Todd said the most important things to have checked are your tires, vehicle fluids, battery, brakes, wind shield wipers and engine belts. And says that many of these things can be checked at home as well.

It's also recommended to keep some sort of winter survival kit in the vehicle as well.