Local golfers enjoying the warm February weather

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GRAND ISLAND, NE - Seventy degree weather is a dream come true for local golfers.

While one man enjoys hitting some balls in shorts and sandals, he says the normal winter weather hasn't been keeping him away from the green.

"I'm not a fair weather golfer. When it's real hot and when it's colder, if they'll let me on I'll be on," said Golfer Richard Fox.

That's not true for everyone, though. In fact, Jackrabbit Run Golf Course workers say there are some faces they don't often see until temperatures rise, so having such nice weather during the second month of the year is a big bonus.

"It's nice to have everyone out, and usually this time of year you could have absolutely nothing going on and, well as soon as it gets nice out they're thinking about golf and coming out here. It just gets the interest going on earlier in the year, which is great," said Mark Christensen, Assistant Professional at Jackrabbit Run Golf Course.

While Christensen says golf season really doesn't start until April, it's nice to have a taste of it early as people bust out their clubs and golf balls.

Both golfers and club workers say they are hoping to see more weather like this in the near future.