Local library takes to the digital space

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Reading has never been so convenient. At a click of a button, you can have your book in seconds. Or at the turn of a knob, you can be listening to your favorite book. And for one woman, that's exactly what she does.

"After a bad day or long day at work, it's awesome to able to listen to a book that entertains me all the way home for 45 minutes. And I've been known to sit in the garage if I'm in a perfect spot, I don't want to stop," said Vicki Obermiller, a woman from Ravenna.

For one librarian, having access to books digitally helps her during those long road trips.

"I know if I forget something when I'm going on a trip, I'll go into a truck stop or some place and buy a little audio or something. It really helps people pass the time," said Celine Swan, a librarian for the Grand Island Public Library.

One reader said he went digital because he can have a book right on his phone.

"Having the ability to always have that with you, even if you have a book or you have a newspaper and you've got ten or fifteen minutes before an appointments, you may not have that, but you got your phone with ya," said Nick Lammers.

But checking out a book online is just like checking out a book at the library. Some books may be already checked-out.

"On Overdrive, if it's a popular book, sometimes you might have to wait to get that copy. And then when you're done with it, it goes back to that collection and other people can check it out because other people might be on hold for popular books," said Swan.

Swan said by getting your books online, you could save over 100 dollars a year. And you'll never get any late fees.