Local police investigating a string of residential burglaries

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- Most of us have a daily routine before leaving the house, but after a string of burglaries in central Nebraska, you might want to switch it up.

Police are still investigating burglaries in Grand Island. It started back in November and remains active with two more burglaries Monday.

Last year there were 237 burglaries in the city, with 158 being residential.

The burglaries are scattered all throughout the town. TV's, gaming systems, and jewelry are some of the most common items taken.

Most of the burglaries take place during the day, which is why it's important to have someone keep an eye out on your house when you are not home.

"We know when the burglars come through they are being noticed and it's probably just not being reported," Capt. Jim Duering with the Grand Island Police Department said. "If we come out and we don't find anything, that's OK for us at the police department." "If we don't come out and should have been there, that's when we start seeing problems," Duering added.

Police were called to a reported burglary Monday that fortunately wasn't one.

"He walked straight into the house and after trying to get ahold of the owner a couple of times, my next option was to call the police," Issac Sinner, a Grand Island resident, said. "About the time they showed up, he was walking out of the house and made it to the church down the street."

Police were able to catch him and question him.

Police have advice on a few things people can do to help keep their home safe.

"Put lights on timers," Duering said. "Security systems or dogs are a great way to deter burglaries." "Change the position of cars in the driveway, so that it's hard to tell when you are home and not home," he added.

Capt. Duering said there are no leads as of now, but a white Cadillac with a blue vinyl top was reported in one incident as a suspect vehicle.

If anyone knows any information or sees suspicious activity, they are encouraged to contact police immediately.