Nebraska lawmakers sworn in for new session

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- New year, new congress. After a grueling 2016, lawmakers said they’re ready to move forward.

"Our system is so extraordinary that even after a divisive hard difficult election we can come together and replenish our system with new ideas, new people and start afresh," Nebraska Congressman Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE-1) said.

Nebraska Congressman Jeff Fortenberry, joined by his wife Celeste and five daughters, is being sworn in for the 115th Congress. He said the first thing on his agenda in the new year funding the government.

“I’m on the appropriations committee so the bulk of my work is on point of trying to get this budget right. We have serious fiscal problems and yet at the same time we have the responsibility to deliver smart and respective government," Fortenberry added.

Aside of the politics family seemed the theme for the first day back of the new session. As sons and daughters wandered the halls, excited to see their parents inducted into this historic club. For another Nebraska congressman it’s a day of reflection.

"When you see all that has developed over the past year with the voters opinions, believe me it is very important that we as elected representatives listen to the people," Rep. Adrian Smith (R-NE-3) said.

Nebraska Congressman Adrian Smith says he’s listening to his constituent’s wishes on repealing Obama care. Something Republicans in Congress plan on tackling right away.

“Let’s pursue policies that bring American’s together and I think better healthcare, better health policy across the country can really bring people together. Because certainly the current situation is not working," Smith added.

President Obama plans to visit Capitol Hill Wednesday to rally Democrats on Obamacare. Vice President Elect Mike Pence is scheduled to visit the same day.

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