Proposed bill to accommodate teen parents in school

Being a parent is tough job with a lot of responsibilities, but imagine being a mother in high school trying to graduate on time.

A proposed bill heading to a final vote in the Nebraska Legislature would require schools to accommodate pregnant and parenting students.

A local woman, Breanna Langenberg, who was 15 and not even half way through her years at Hastings High School, when she was pregnant, said she is grateful her school had a teen mom group that helped her during her pregnancy.

"I think that was really supportive and it was really neat that our school did that, because then I could share with other moms that had their kids and I could talk about what to expect with then and how to work through," Langenberg said.

The Shelton High School Principal Jeremy Wieseler said he understands the purpose of the bill.

He adds if the bill passes, he doesn't think it would disrupt anything at schools.

"I imagine a lot of area schools that if a situation like this came up, we would definitely work with the student and the family to figure out how to best accommodate them," Wieseler said.

There currently aren't any pregnant students at his school or any parent students.

But the principal said if they did have any students, the school would be sure to work with both the student and their parents to make sure they can continue to receive a great education.

He adds a lot of school leaders may think they can handle this situation without having a mandate.