Rabies could be in your backyard

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Rabies could affect your family pet if you're not careful.

The Department of Health and Human Services saw over 15 cases of rabies in Nebraska last year.
Bats were found to be the main carriers of the dangerous virus. And majority of the reports happened from May to October. Pets that are outdoors are more at risk than those indoor pets.
They have a higher chance of either getting bitten or eating the sick animal. And if they get exposed, there's no turning back.

"If it exudes signs of rabies, rabies is something that we cannot cure right now, so most likely your animal will be put to sleep," said Rose Krause, an animal control officer.

Side effects happen after ten days of the animal getting exposed. Krause says they won't have an appetite and will become aggressive with you or other animals. She says to call your local animal control if you see an animal that has been exposed to rabies.