Spencer vs. the Pro's - Round 3 - Hole 12: Lochland Country Club - Par 3, 8th Hole

HASTINGS, Neb. -- Local4's Spencer Schubert is at it again, continuing his quest to beat a golf pro at the sport they make a career off of, and this time around, he makes his final visit to Lochland Country Club for the year. This week swings away on the Par-3, 8th Hole.


"Welcome into another edition of Spencer vs. the Pros," Spencer said. "We're back at Lochland Country Club this week, and I'm joined right now by the Head Golf Pro Hank McFarland. Hank, for the first time in about two years we actually tied a hole. Now you're making me pay for it with a Par 3 here aren't you?"

"That's right Spencer, today we tucked that pin right behind the bunker just for you," Hank joked. "Number 8 here at Lochland is one of our most picturesque holes. We have a beautiful Lake here."

"A pin tucked behind a bunker," Spencer noted. "What could go wrong? Let's take a look!"

After splitting the first hole at Lochland, McFarland still had honors as the two tee'd off on the 8th, and he didn't disappoint. McFarland had the perfect club in his hands, landing his shot pin-high on the green, but left of the hole by about 15-20 feet.

Spencer's tee shot wasn't as pretty, but it got the job done as his trajectory was much lower, but the distance was also spot on. Spencer ended up in the right rough, but also pin-high.

Needing to scramble for par, Spencer came up with a beautiful pitch shot that shored up just about seven feet short of the hole. As for Hank's birdie putt, he got a hold of it as it rolled about 12-feet past the hole.

Fortunately, McFarland kept the pro's from falling behind in the series by sinking the comebacker for par. Spencer also crept his par putt in just in time to again halve the hole.

"Hank, I joked about it before we played the hole, but last year - you win a hole, I win a hole, and we didn't want to halve any hole," Spencer said. "This year we have both of the times we played. How do you think we played that Par 3 out there?"

"Well, we played it decently," McFarland said. "Number 8 is a difficult Par 3. We both hit the ball hole-high, which on that hole is hard to do sometimes. You had an excellent chip to get up and down. I had a nasty first putt, but was able to make the second, so it was a push for both of us. We did well to par the hole, but it's no fun tying."

"All right, our revenge will have to wait for another year," Spencer joked. "That does do it for another edition of Spencer vs. the Pros."


There continues to be no movement on the "leaderboard" of this year's series as both Spencer and the Pro's hold serve by staying at even-par, now through 12 holes! Coming up on July 22, Spencer will head south of Hastings to visit Clay Center and take aim at Crooked Creek Country Club for the very first time!

Make sure to tune in for that!