Tips to spot fake bills

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - If you go shopping for clothes or even jewelry, make sure you're not using or getting funny money.

There's been a spike in counterfeit currency this week in Grand Island. There have been 37 counterfeit currency reports already in 2017, that's just five away from all of 2015, which saw 42.

Howard's Jewelry store in GI has different methods to check bills. One of them is a counterfeit pen.

The owner of the jewelry store, Craig Hand, said when they receive cash it's usually large bills and while running across counterfeit money is still rare, they also use a machine that detects fake money to be safe.

It checks for security features on bills such as watermarks and a 3D ribbon.

GIPD responded to eight counterfeit calls in the last three days.

Hand said this is a problem that can have an impact on all consumers.

"Makes everything more expensive for them, Hand said. "When you have somebody using counterfeit money it defrauds the person selling the item and so they have to raise prices to make up for being ripped off, so it's going to cost the honest person more."

Hand encourages people to educate themselves on counterfeit currency, so they know if money they receive is real or fake.

Police said there are serious consequences people can face if they get caught with counterfeit money, because it's a felony offense and could also be a federal offense.