Town hall stirs up controversy in the Tri-Cities

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AURORA, Neb. (KSNB) - People lined up at the Aurora Co-op to take on controversial issues with Senator Sasse face-to-face.

For one woman, it was about the children. And how certain education cuts can affect their ability to learn.

"I'm here to tell you that little kids cannot focus on education if their bellies are hungry. They cannot if they're worried about where they'll be living next. They can't concentrate on education," said Jeri Hinrichs, a Hastings resident.

One Lincoln woman came to talk about clean water. Though she wasn't happy with Sasse's answer.

"Apparently Nebraska is a sacrifice zone for the world wide oil market and I would like a politician to please stand up for our water and our aquifer because when it's gone, it's gone," said Donna Roller.

A woman from Sutton came out not only for the Tri-Cities. But all of the United States.

"You know, I really care about all people in America," said Abbi Kleinschmidt.

For Hinrichs she's not just leaving with a weight off her chest. She's leaving with hope.

"I guess we'll see if the senator votes on some of the stuff he said he would today," said Hinrichs.