Two arrested for assault in fight with machete

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Two Grand Island men are behind bars after the two got into a fight with a machete, police said.

Grand Island Police Captain Jim Duering tells NBC Nebraska an officer was called to a disturbance at the 700 block of East 7th Street just before 3 P.M. Thursday. A neighbor called in the disturbance.

After taking statements, police determine 33-year-old Erich Rojas and 43-year-old Jose Diez-Ortiz were in a fight when Rojas tried to cut Diez-Ortix with a machete and damaged his freezer while carrying the machete.

Duering said while Diez-Ortiz was trying to protect himself, he was cut on the left thumb, left with a mark on his arm and then slapped in the left ear with the machete.

Diez-Ortiz is then able to get the machete himself and slapped Rojas. Rojas had visible cuts on himself, police said.

Duering adds Rojas then goes into the home where the two were living and damages Diez-Ortiz's kitchen table with the machete.

Both men were arrested for assault, use of a weapon to commit a felony and criminal mischief less than $500.

Capt. Duering believes the fight had something to do with Diez-Ortiz moving out.