UNMC hosts open house for Health Science Education Complex

KEARNEY, Neb. -- The University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) hosted an open house for the Health Science Education Complex on the University of Nebraska at Kearney's (UNK) campus.

Students looking for career opportunities in the medical field got an interactive tour of the state-of-the-art facility.

"I had my suspicions that maybe Kearney wasn't as cutting edge as Omaha, because Omaha is bigger and they have a lot more students," Mariah Conyers, a prospective UNMC student, said. "But it's definitely competitive and very hi-tech here." "I'm very impressed by it," she added.

Some prospective students said they have never seen anything like the technology used for UNMC's College of Allied Health Professions (CAHP) programs. But one thing really caught people's attention.

"The anatomage table with the 3D bodies that you can cut into and look around," Conyers said.

School officials said the college offers different programs that gives students hands-on experience by allowing them to practice clinical skills on trained, standardized patients, high-fidelity mannequins, or on partial-task simulators.

"We focus on being interactive." UNMC Executive Associate Dean for CAHP Gregory Karst said. "The different professions learn together the way that they will actually practice together." "I think that it's a unique experience and unique opportunity," Karst added.

Officials said they receive a lot of applicants, but some programs can use more.

"Programs like Clinal Lab Science or Medical Lab Science for example, and Radiography can use more applicants," Karst said. "We can then expand further and get more people trained to work out in the rural areas of Nebraska."

Some prospective students are excited about that.

"Rural health is important," Conyers said. "We need a lot of people to be interested in working in rural areas, because those places need a lot of help."

She added she is glad she applied there and hopes to have an interview soon.

UNMC faculity said they are looking into expanding their new technology as the campus continues to grow.