Ed Littler celebrates 25 years in Central Nebraska

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - In 1992, the Nebraska football team hadn't won a national title since the 70's, UNK was only a year removed from being called Kearney State, and both the three-point line and shot clock had just turned six years old in college basketball.

It's also the year Ed Littler moved to central Nebraska to anchor sports for a station known as KHAS-TV.

Covering 25 years of sports in Nebraska allows a person to gather a world of experience, and for Ed Littler, he's seen about everything.

He also came into a nice situation when it comes to Nebraska football. In Ed's first five years of being in central Nebraska, the Huskers won three national championships

But, as the Huskers faded into the pack, Ed kept pushing a Channel 5 sports team that became the cutting edge of central Nebraska sports.

Ed's journey to Nebraska started all the way back in Tallahassee, Fla. where he graduated from Florida State in 1976.

Fresh out of school, he spent his first three years as a sports reporter at WOWK-TV in Huntington, WV. He then jumped to Ohio, where he spent two years at WSYX in Columnbus, five years at WYTV in Youngstown, and another three years at WAKC-TV in Akron.

Then came 1992, and Ed's journey in central Nebraska began. From covering national championships to high school rodeo's, Ed immersed himself in the area seeming more than anybody before him.

It's safe to say, now 25 years later, Ed Littler eats, sleeps and breathes Nebraska sports, just like he did 25 years ago, and some former co-workers as well as former Nebraska football coaches had a few nice things to say about Ed.

"In my opinion, there are two legends at Nebraska - Tom Osborne and Ed Littler," said former KHAS-TV Sports Anchor Scott Abraham. "25 years at NBC Nebraska. Ed you are like a fine wine, getting better with age. I know I would not be where I am today without your help and guidance. Congratulations buddy. I love ya, and I miss ya."

"Hey buddy! Happy 25 years in Nebraska," added Will Sherratt, another former KHAS-TV Sports Anchor. "I love ya. I miss ya. I don't know where I would be without ya in the industry. Thanks for taking a chance on this 22-year-old kid a few years ago. You helped me so much in my career, and I hope to see you soon, and of course that Ball State game from a few years ago - terrible! That was not a good game! Come on buddy!"

"25 years from KHAS-TV to NBC Nebraska. Ed your sports coverage has been tremendous," added former KHAS-TV anchor Colin Murphy. "You've been an unsung hero to the state of Nebraska. You're well-known around. Great coaches like Tom Osborne and Bo Pelini, they know you as well. You should be very proud of your accomplishments, so congratulations on 25 years!"

"Ed, I understand you're celebrating 25 years," said former Nebraska coach Bo Pelini, who coached the Huskers from 2008-2014. "I think I've known you for at least that long. Congratulations on a great career. You've had a huge impact on a lot of people, and you've been tremendously respected in your profession. I appreciate your friendship, and we go way back. I wish you luck for hopefully another 25 years, so congratulations and keep up the good work."

"Well, I'd like to congratulate Ed on 25 years, and I wish he would have come a little bit sooner because when he showed up in the early 90's, we all of a sudden got a lot better, so Ed must have been responsible for some of that," joked Nebraska coaching legend Tom Osborne, who led Nebraska to three national titles. "I wish him well and congratulate him on being in the same town and the same area for 25 years, which is pretty rare for coaches and also for people in the broadcasting business, so congratulations Ed, and I want to wish you all the best."