Hastings College football coach sees color in true form for first time

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - When it comes to personalities, Hastings College football coach Tony Haper is about as colorful as they come, but very few know the always animated coach is also colorblind.

Thanks to the company Enchroma, we brought true color to his life for the very first time, and you get to see his reaction firsthand, right now.

"Whoa, those posts are bright. That grass is really green, is that grass really that green? OK, your point is proven."

"That is light red. That's crimson. That's two completely different shades."

"I've always seen color, I just haven't seen the shades of it so much. I know now that I need to do a lot more work on the field and drag it because we need to get more of this green spread out, but this is weird. I honestly did not believe that this would work."

"All those trees now - all different. They were all the same before."
"Coach Kimura, you down here?"

"It's over now. I've got the color fixing glasses. (No you don't) Yes I do."
"Is this the correct school color or not correct?"

"Gotta get it in the light coach."

"See, I know, this is right, this is wrong. Who ordered these? (You did) (Laughter)"

"I'll be honest, I did not believe that this would work and by God it works, so I appreciate it."

As for how the Broncos are doing this season, they're 2-0 on the year and will host their home opener Saturday against Valley City State at 1 p.m.

When we asked coach Harper if he'd be wearing the glasses come gameday, he joked that it depends on how the game is going.