Remaining Ice, Snow Causes Problems for Grand Island Drivers

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. Days after the second biggest snow storm in Grand Island history, some drivers reported still having issues navigating around town.

Cars stuck in snow or ditches have kept police busy for days.

"Up until probably today, we're still dealing with a lot of stranded vehicles and vehicles getting stuck in the residential areas," GIPD Sgt. Stanley Steele said.

Locals said the leftover ice, inches high on the roads, is still a hazard in some areas.

"I think it's about four or five inches deep out there of ice and it thaws and refreezes and thaws and refreezes," Grand Islander, Richard Payton, said.

He added that luckily, the snow is not as bad as it was just a few days ago when caregivers were unable to reach his house for three days.

"Other caregivers have said the streets are pretty rough," Payton said. "There's ruts in them and you'll drive along and a rut with grab ahold of them and throw them to the side or the other side."

Hall County Public Works Director Casey Sherlock has said it could be a while before we see Grand Island free of snow.

But it's a different story outside of city limits.

Sgt. Quinn Webb with the Hall County Sheriff's Department said the number of motorist assists in smaller towns were really low because of quick cleanup on county roads in places like Wood River and Cairo.

Meantime, police say driving in zero visibility and 50 mile-per-hour winds was just as much of a danger for them.

"We had to be out there. Road conditions were treacherous," Steele said. "Even some of our 4-wheel-drives had problems in some areas."

Fortunately, he said the department did not have to send out extra staff and no injuries were reported as a result of people driving in severe weather conditions.