Bianco and Co. Great Women of Nebraska Series kicks off with Tiffany Tabor-Mackrill

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. “Bianco and Company’s Great Women of Nebraska” series kicks off Thursday evening. The series will feature five local women making a difference in the community every Thursday for the next five weeks.

Tiffany Tabor-Mackrill (left in pink), her daughter Quinn Mackrill (middle), and her mother Kathy Tabor (right)

The first nominee is a hardworking businesswoman, teacher, mentor, a mother and a wife. On top of all of that, she also gives back to the community through her passion of dancing. Her name is Tiffany Tabor-Mackrill.

Tiffany started dancing at the tender age of three.

“From the time she was little and grew up dancing, of course with her mother, I honestly did not try to push her towards that, it is part of her make up,” said Kathy Tabor, Tiffany’s mother and owner of Tabor Dance Academy.

After professionally dancing in big cities, she returned back home to Nebraska where she now works with her mom at their dance studio, Tabor Dance Academy.

“I loved being able to come back and offer the things that I learned living in the big cities, to be able to come back and share that,” says Tiffany.

“She brings a new vibrancy to my forty year career and so now we can share this tradition that we have for teaching dance in our communities here,” added Kathy.

Tiffany is involved with the Scottsbluff High School Drill team and Theater West as a choreographer.

“I think it's great that I get to teach them a skill, I get to teach them an art form, and I get to teach them to share in my passion and love of dance,” Tiffany says.

Last Christmas Tiffany and her mother helped raise $10,000 for charity through dance.

“You know the best way to pay it forward is to pay it back here in this great community that we have, to shop locally, to eat locally, and then to raise money when we can and give back when we can,” added Tiffany.

Her passion for dancing is something she hopes to continue spreading in the community.

“You know it's not about being the best or about being a professional dancer but about loving moving and I'm so passionate about dance that I like to share that with everyone,” said Tiffany.

Each week Tiffany works with around 200 students. Right now Tiffany and her students are working on their latest show called “Come Sail Away,” the show will be held at the Scottsbluff High School from June 1-3, 2017.