Court of Appeals judges visit panhandle college and high school students

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CHADRON, Neb. Judges from the Court of Appeals are in The Panhandle, and local students got the chance to learn from them at Chadron State College on Tuesday.

Court of Appeals judges hear cases at Chadron State College

The Court of Appeals is one step under the Nebraska Supreme Court, the visit hopes to help students understand the appellate process.

"Part of our college campus initiative which we started in 2011 is to come and interact with college and high school students and let them see what the appellate process is, how it works, but also we want to promote understanding of the judicial system as a whole," said Frankie Moore, Chief Judge of the Nebraska Court of Appeals.

“It's a great opportunity for me to observe the court of appeals, how they proceed and how the lawyers argue for their client,” said Cheng Zhang, a Rural Law Opportunities (RLOP) student.

The visit is part of a college campus initiative created by the Court of Appeals.

“We think we can help assist the colleges in attracting students but also the overall desire of the judicial branch to meet with the public and be more transparent in what we do,” added Moore.

"I learned a lot and I think it's really great that they'd come here to the college so college students and high school students from surrounding areas got to come see it," said Alexandria Nobiling, a RLOP student.

Typically each year the court of appeals hears about 1,200 cases. On Tuesday, the students got to see four of those cases with varying topics including willful reckless driving, wrongful death and even a custody case.

A question and answer session at the end addressed the various aspects of the Court of Appeals.

“I thought the most interesting thing was the different career paths that they each took and then they all ended up being judges. I just thought that was really interesting that you don't really have to focus on a certain thing to be an attorney,” Nobiling added.

“It's a wonderful career as I mentioned in the question and answer session, we get to learn new things every day,” says Moore.