Tips to help keep dogs safe during the Fourth of July

Keeping pets safe during fireworks
Keeping pets safe during fireworks(WTAP)
Published: Jul. 4, 2020 at 3:25 PM CDT
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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - With the Fourth of July being a night of celebration, it is good to remember your furry friends before you start lighting off fireworks. Local veterinarians gave a few easy tips to help them get through the night.

If you're going to leave the dog at home, the American Kennel Club suggests making a comforting area away from windows for the dog to hide. If your dog is coming to the festivities, they said to make sure it is in a proper fitting leash and is constrained.

There are prescribed medications to relax dogs. For over the counter drugs Dr. Mark Hughes of Parks Veterinary Hospital said you can give them one tablet per 25 lbs or one milligram per pound.

“The biggie is don’t let them run around loose with fireworks because they’re going to chase them or bite them and things like that,” Dr. Hughes said. “Best to confine them and keep them away from the fireworks.”

Dr. Hughes said it isn’t common but they have seen dogs come in with injuries from fireworks. If a dog is startled they could also develop a fear of the area which could lead to accidents in the house.

“A lot of times you’ll have dogs if they have a bad experience outside some of them may not want to go back outside,” Dr. Hughes said. “They might be fearful of the front yard or the backyard depending on where they had the bad experience.”

The American Kennel Club also said to make sure your dog has a collar with an ID on it just in case they do get away from you. Cats tend to not be as impacted and will find a place to hide until fireworks are over.

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