Shrine Bowl taking safety precautions

The 62nd annual Nebraska Shrine Bowl has put in several precautions to combat COVID-19
Published: Jul. 7, 2020 at 10:50 PM CDT
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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - Despite the cancellations of sporting events across the country, the Nebraska Shrine Bowl will continue on for it’s 62nd year. The Shrine Bowl honors some of the best high school senior football players in the state. Giving them the opportunity to take the field wearing their high school helmet one final time.

“We didn’t know if we would truly be here. Having kids in camp, the coaches there, seeing everyone back in a some what normal situation, has been very rewarding,” Shrine Bowl Executive Director Dave MacDonald said. “To know the board and I’s time and efforts have paid off and still get this game played and do it safely.”

To pull it off it has taken a lot of preparation and the enforcement of several precautions.

The week before arriving to camp on Monday June 6, the parents of all 90 players were instructed to check their kid’s temperature twice a day and to monitor how they were feeling. They have continued to do those temperature checks at camp and have followed several other precautions.

“We’re trying to social distance as much as possible. They’re wearing masks in indoor situations,” MacDonald said. “We are disinfecting the dorms once a day. This morning when the players and the coaches left to go to practice we went through the dorms on both floors.”

All players and staff members have been deemed safe and healthy up to this point. MacDonald says the event wouldn’t have been possible without the help they have received from local medical professionals.

Those health professionals have also helped implement guidelines for fans at the game.

“It’s gonna be a normal football game but there’s going to be some differences,” MacDonald said. “We are taping off some of the seats inside the stadium to help with social distancing, and making sure we’re not exceeding 75 percent capacity.”

They know that they can only do so much though, and are asking the fans to do their part as well.

“We will keep reminding them through PA announcements, through signage all around the stadium that’s never been there before. You know, just reminding them to social distance as much as possible,” MacDonald said. “We’d prefer that they wear a mask, we know it’s gonna be a hot day, but keep everybody’s safety and health in mind. Let’s have a good fun event, but let’s do it safely and make sure that everyone goes home healthy.”

If you want to make sure that you will have a seat come Saturday, you can purchase your tickets ahead of time by visiting their

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