Kearney High grads adjust to Ivy League canceling fall season

Kearney High graduates, Miko Maessner and Phillip Moomey adjust to Ivy League canceling fall season.
Published: Aug. 4, 2020 at 10:00 PM CDT
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KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - The Ivy League has wasted no time deciding the fate of sports since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. They were the first to cancel spring sports in March and were the first to cancel its fall season in July.

For Kearney High graduates, Miko Maessner and Phillip Moomey it means once again they have to deal with no competitions or practices until at least January 1.

Moomey was preparing for his second season for Cornell’s wrestling team and Maessner was preparing for his first season on Princeton’s football team.

“Disappointment I think that was everybody’s reaction,” Maessner said. “Not being able to play football in the fall. Do all that with the team. Get to meet all the coaches and stuff.”

“Instantly, it’s tough because there is a lot that happens before January first with wrestling but there is a potential that we could have winter, so that’s a good thing,” Moomey said.

While they wait for the Ivy League to decide on 2021, Maessner is not waiting to try and get better.

“Learning all the plays this fall,” Maessner said. “Working out with my position coaches this fall. There is not a whole lot of positives but you do what you can.”

With a constantly changing situation, Moomey is not dwelling on the negatives but focusing on what he can control.

“You can’t control everything,” Moomey said. “There are things in life that are good and bad and you can’t control a lot of things but you can control some things so just control the things that you can and the rest will all work itself out.”

The Ivy League is waiting to see what happens this fall before deciding what moves they want to make in the winter and spring.

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