Grand Island Mayor Roger Steele is back from quarantine

Published: Sep. 10, 2020 at 8:07 PM CDT
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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Grand Island Mayor Roger Steele was asked by the Central District Health Department at the end of August to quarantine, and he has finally returned to society after days of being confined to his office and home.

“I came out of quarantine or self-isolation as they call it yesterday, and that was the first day I could go back into City Hall,” Mayor Roger Steele said.

Mayor Steele has never tested positive for COVID-19, but was around someone who did on August 25. The Central District Health Department didn’t know about the positive case until several days after, so it had been seven days since Steele was exposed before he got the call from them. They asked him to quarantine for an additional week to be safe.

There was speculation on whether Steele was exposed at the state fair after being seen in a group photo without a mask, but this wasn’t the cause for his isolation.

“In retrospect probably not prudent to appear in a picture, but it was a brief thing where we came together, a photograph was taken, and we moved apart,” Steele said. "I can tell you for certain, I did not get it at the Nebraska State Fair "

Steele had to be at home or his law office at all times during those days. He said the whole ordeal was an inconvenience to his daily life, and he’s glad it’s finally over.

“You can imagine not being able to go where you’d like to go, to do the things you’d like to do," Steele said. "Even though you may not catch the disease, it still disruptive to your life.”

Steele’s experience reinforced the importance of people protecting one another.

“My message is if you do not feel well, do not go to work because you may cause other people to be quarantined, and it’s greatly inconvenient,” Steele said.

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