City of Grand Island re-evaluates emergency snow routes

More emergency snow route signs will be added in GI as new streets are added.
More emergency snow route signs will be added in GI as new streets are added.(Alicia Naspretto, KSNB)
Published: Sep. 21, 2020 at 7:08 PM CDT
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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - While it may feel too early to start thinking about snow, the city of Grand Island is doing just that. The City Council will vote on Tuesday to make changes to their emergency snow routes.

“We are changing the snow routes a little bit,” Public Works Director John Collins told Local4 News. “Mostly we are extending the limits of existing snow routes as the city’s enlarged a little bit.”

Six routes will be extended. That includes the following:

  • Blaine Street between Wildwood Drive and Third Street
  • Broadwell Avenue between Anna Street and Highway 281
  • Fonner Park Road between Stuhr Road and Adams Street
  • Lincoln Avenue between Anna Street and Broadwell Avenue
  • Redwood Road between Faidley Avenue and 13th Street
  • US 281 between Wildwood Drive and Broadwell Avenue

While a lot of the current routes are being extended, one is being removed all together. That would be Pioneer Boulevard from Blaine Street to Stolley Park Road. John Collins said it was just no longer needed.

“Back when the city was half its size, it was probably important," he said. "Today it serves no purpose. After meeting with fire and police, there’s no need for it with their response.”

Two routes are being added to the list this season as well. That includes Prairieview Street between Rae Road and Husker Highway and Rae Road between Highway 281 and Prairieview Street. These are both used as entrances for the new Grand Island Regional Medical Center.

Roads often traveled by emergency vehicles are labeled as snow routes so they can be given priority for plowing.

“Some roads are very important for emergency response, most of these are your primary routes and the ones you’ll be most familiar with," Collins said. "So you want to make sure you’re able to clear them during the snow. Those are the first ones you hit.”

When a snow emergency is declared, parking is not allowed on snow routes. If a car if found there, the city is allowed to tow it.

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