GISH senior helps COVID-19 impacted families with 5K mile run

Published: Oct. 1, 2020 at 9:15 PM CDT
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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - While students are getting back into the swing of things at school, a Grand Island Senior High student chose a service project to remind her peers of how COVID-19 is impacting families in the community.

Myah Brown was challenged to a three hour national honor society service project, and she knew she had to do something big. Brown is hosting a virtual 5K/Mile run called “Running for Relief” to help families in need.

“One thing I wanted to do for my project was have this physical run, meet in person, run the course, do all that fun stuff, because for me that’s one of the most exciting, you know it’s just an amazing experience,” Brown said.

Running has always been a passion of Brown’s. It’s a hobby she fell in love with because of her mother.

“That’s a good way that we bond," Brown said. "We share that love and we do races together - we started out just doing like one mile runs, then worked up to three, worked up to five.”

Recently, Brown found out she has Type 1 diabetes which has impacted her ability to exercise.

“It’s really helping me not take things like that for granted," Brown said. "So just being able to help people from this position is just awesome.”

Every dollar of the Running for Relief proceeds will go directly to the Grand Island Public Schools Foundation COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund.

“This is still such a prominent issue still," Brown said. "People might not understand that just because we start going back to school, just because we’re in sports again, just because we kind of got into a little bit of a routine, there’s not still need in the community, but there there really is. There’s people who have basic needs that they need met.”

The COVID-19 emergency fund helps families and students in the school district who have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. The GIPS Foundation has helped people pay for internet, rent, utilities, and mental health services.

“This time is just a stressful time, and I just have to say I have seen it so much come through on this fund. People need help processing,” said GIPS Foundation Executive Director Traci Skalberg.

Brown reached out to four local businesses who agreed to sponsor the event. HyVee, ArtistiCuts, Cobler Chiropractic, and Family Eyecare Center funded swag bags filled with a Dri-Fit t-shirt, water bottle, and draw-string backpack to give to participants. These partnerships give Brown the opportunity donate all of the proceeds to the COVID-19 fund.

“It feels amazing not having to think of what’s coming out of this total, what’s coming out of to fund everything else,” Brown said. “That’s so fulfilling just to know that, see it with my own eyes that the money is going to go directly to families.”

Brown has exceeded her goal of 50 participants, and has already raised $1,200 from registration fees.

“This has blown my mind how willing people are to support this cause and to support my project. So, it’s just been amazing,” Brown said.

The Running for Relief virtual 5K run is Oct. 17-18. People who register by Oct. 2 gets their swag bags a day before the event, and anyone who registers after the deadline will get it no later than Nov. 1. People can click here to register.

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