Annual crop walk raises funds for the hungry

Published: Oct. 11, 2020 at 8:24 PM CDT
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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - Church Women United held their annual Crop Walk at Heartwell park in Hastings on Sunday. Frank Medsker in honor of his 95th birthday has been raising funds on the internet for the cause.

Frank Medsker arrived at park with his handmade mask and walking staff ready to participate in the crop walk tradition. He’s attended every one since it started ten years ago.

“I’m a minister so I moved around a bit and every place I lived didn’t have a crop walk, so I just identify with it wherever I can, and this year is special because I’m 95 years old,” Medsker said.

He turned 95 last week and decided to raise $950 to donate to the walk to celebrate. With the help of his son getting the fundraiser on the internet, he’s already raised $750.

“It feels real good especially after two or three days, but it goes out and we have family and friends around the country, and some of them have seen it," Medsker said. "I’m thankful for them, and I’m thankful we got that much to buy groceries with.”

The crop walk raises funds to give food to people in need. Organizers thought about canceling the event because of the Coronavirus, but they thought the need to help families during the pandemic was too important.

“It’s a great thing for us to do for each other at this specific time, and other times, but more so now because it’s harder for people to get through their weeks when they don’t have jobs,” Crop Walk Treasurer Susie Graham said.

Normally organizers start at Hastings college and walk around the park together, but this time they met at the park around 2 p.m. to walk separately.

“We’re all having a good time getting together, and keeping our space, and doing this for church world services,” Graham said.

About 20 people signed in to participate in the crop walk. They dropped off their monetary donations and then began to trek around the park for as many times as they wanted.

Organizers anticipated they would have a smaller turnout this year, but they were still excited to see some familiar faces like Frank, who showed up and participated.

The money raised during the walk will go to the Hastings Middle School food pantry. Medsker is still trying to reach $950 to donate to the cause. People interested in helping him reach is goal and donate here.

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