Meet the Candidates: Grand Island City Council Ward Four

Published: Oct. 28, 2020 at 2:15 PM CDT
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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Local4 continues to introduce you to the candidates running for Grand Island City Council. The race for Ward Four is between Jodi Moore and the incumbent Mike Paulick.

Paulick has been on the City Council for eight years and worked for the city for 30 years before that. During his time with Grand Island, Paulick said he helped bring a dog park to the area, kept up with Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and worked on many budgets. Paulick said since he already has experience with the budget, it’ll be easier for him to have realistic goals in his new term.

“I’ve seen some of the candidates out there say oh they want to lower taxes and they want to do this,” Paulick told Local4 News. “We can lower taxes, but what are you going to cut? We have to stay within our budget. You can lower the budget, but if you’re going to cut the tax, you’re going to have to cut services.”

Balancing budgets is a topic often brought up by people looking to join the City Council, but Paulick says it’s harder than most would think.

“I didn’t realize how tough it was until I got in there and I worked for the City and helped balance the budget for the shop I worked in,” he said. “The shop was just one little pebble in the stream and there’s a lot of big rocks out there.”

He wants to get back on the council not just to work on the budget, but also to continue to help the community and finish projects that he’s already started.

“The new term coming up we’ve got a couple of big projects going on with finding the funding source for first responders and finding what we’re going to do with the veterans home," Paulick said. "Whether we are going to work with developers or what is going to go on there.”

Local4 News did reach out to Jodi Moore also, but she did not return calls for comment.

In an interview with the Grand Island Independent, Moore said her main reason for running is to curb spending and lower taxes. She said her fresh set of eyes could help them see changes that can be made.

She also wants to support law enforcement and “preserve our hometown values and improve the community”.

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