Animal shelter has senior pets in need of forever homes

Published: Nov. 29, 2020 at 4:44 PM CST
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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - It’s Adopt a Senior Pet Month, and even though November is almost over, the Voice for Companion Animals in Grand Island has many senior pets to adopt and foster year round. People tend to adopt younger animals, but the older ones need homes too.

“They want something that’s really cute and cuddly and playful and that, but if you are to a point in your life that you just want someone to hang out with and enjoy a watching T.V., curl up on the couch, especially we get that a lot, I want one that will sit on my lap, seniors are great for that,” said Voice for Companion Animals Director Robin Mays.

Owning one of these pets do come with challenges. People need to be on top of vetting, they need to watch what the animals eat, but overall the shelter said there are more pros than cons. These animals are past the puppy chewing stage, they’re more potty trained, they’re quieter and most times vetted.

“When they’re young and still kind of figuring out themselves, you’re not really sure their, what their real personality is, but a senior especially one like I said within a rescue or like that, they pretty much know what they’re like and what they’re tendencies are,” said Mays.

The Voice for Companion Animals has one senior dog and several cats over the age of 10 right now. The longer these animals sit in cages they go stir crazy, they get depressed and are more likely to get euthanized. The shelter said seniors need human interaction and a forever home to be truly happy.

“It’s a win for the pet. It’s a win for the people to have that connection, but it also frees up a spot,” Mays said. “We’re asked to take a couple of senior dogs where the homeowner went into hospice, and we don’t have a place for them.”

People interested in adopting or fostering a pet can call the Voice for Companion Animals at (402) 527-8228. They will also be having a drive-thru adoption event next weekend, and people can check out their Facebook for the date and time.

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