Safely remove holiday decorations

Reminders when it comes to removing lights, trees and decorations
Published: Dec. 31, 2020 at 5:52 AM CST
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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - With the 2020 year and holiday season winding down it will be the time of year for many people when lights, decorations and trees come down and there are a few reminders to make sure that process is done safely.

When it comes to removing decorations; place the ladder on a flat area of ground free of ice and snow and make sure someone is holding the ladder below. If you plan on getting on your roof wait to do so until it is free of snow and ice.

For removing lights make sure they come down in a slow, orderly fashion rather than ripping the string down with force all at once. When the lights are removed check them for frayed wires, broken or burned out bulbs, or areas the string may have been stapled through. If the lights look as though they could cause problems next year, properly recycle them and purchase new ones.

To store the lights make sure they’re wound up carefully and neatly rather than balled up and stuffed away.

For trees, first off make sure to clear them of all lights and decorations, then check to see if the tree has begun dropping leaves or dried out. If it has, remove it and dispose of it properly to eliminate any fire risk. To get rid of a tree take it to a designated drop off location around the city, not in a ditch or on the side of the road.

In Hastings trees can be taken to Aquacourt, Libs Park and Duncan Field.

In Kearney trees can go to Apollo Park, Nina Hammer Park, or Centennial Park.

The Grand Island sites will be announced shortly.

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