Traveling “Rideshare Foodie” visits central Nebraska

Published: Jan. 5, 2021 at 3:02 PM CST
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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - Traveling the country, finding new food, new people and new places all sounds like a perfect round trip. But for 32-year-old Army veteran Kreskin Torres, this is his every day life.

Torres is an uber driver and food blogger, dubbed the Rideshare Foodie, who travels the country looking for the “hidden gems” of America.

“It’s interesting, some of the places that I’ll find that a lot of people won’t know about or they’ll see it and tell me they’ve never been there before,” Torres told Local4 News. “It’s been very interesting.”

He’s spent the last few days in central Nebraska, traveling between Grand Island and Hastings.

“The first place I went to was Sticky Rice,” Torres said. “It was in the middle of nowhere, sometimes I get lost so I go somewhere and find something randomly and I just got to stop.”

He also made a stop at the Kool Aid museum in Hastings, saying that was what drew him to area in the first place.

“I never knew Kool Aid was made or invented in Hastings, Nebraska so that was very interesting,” he said. " That’s why I don’t like skipping a lot of towns. I like to check out each city in a state, if I can.”

Between good food, nice people and interesting history, Torres said he has really enjoyed his time in central Nebraska.

“It’s incredible what you find out when you come out, then when you talk to locals and they let you know what’s going on,” Torres said. “I love seeing the fact that people have a lot of pride for their city and where they live, where they’re from, it’s kind of incredible.”

Torres is heading west now and planning to stop in a few more Nebraska cities before reaching Colorado.

You can keep up with his travels on his social media and blog.

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