Local nonprofit sends books and art kits to foster kids

Published: Jan. 9, 2021 at 8:37 PM CST
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SUPERIOR, Neb. (KSNB) - Ambassadors of Kindness Inc. is back with another program to cheer up foster kids. This time they’re mailing books and coloring kits to keep them busy during the pandemic.

“We’ve learned through our children it’s the little things that help foster parents and even adoptive parents that we don’t think about,” said Founder Brian Slater.

Ambassadors of Kindness is a nonprofit out of Superior which helps foster kids all across Nebraska. They started about a year ago with a toy drive during the holidays, but later decided they wanted to do more year round after its success.

Colors4Kids is a club they created where foster kids receive art supplies in the mail every other month.

“It’s not always the same every other month,” Slater said. “It may be a coloring book or activity book with crayons and stuff, and then we just mix it up and that is theirs to keep.”

Books4Kids is another club where the nonprofit sends three to four books to kids bi-monthly. They don’t get to keep these though. Once their done reading, parents send them back to receive a new set of books and to be re-used but don’t be alarmed, they make sure to sanitize each book before they send them out to other families.

“It’s free. You don’t pay for the books. You don’t pay for none of that. We’re taking care of it,” Slater said. “Our donors, our sponsors are helping us with shipping and they don’t pay to sign up or anything.”

The nonprofit actually started getting the resources together for the clubs back in March. They started collecting monetary donations, art supplies, new and re-used books, but within two months they had to stop abruptly due to the pandemic.

“The assisted living in town was taking donations, so they had to close their doors,” Slater said. “Then we had businesses downtown that closed their doors, their lobbies, so we pretty much just stopped collecting stuff. Then word starting getting out just like our toy drive, and then people started dropping off books and donating that way.”

Ambassadors of Kindness has about 200 books in their inventory so far. The nonprofit is always accepting donations to keep adding to their collection. People interested in helping out can drop off or send donations through the mail to 514 E. 7th St. in Superior.

Foster parents also interested in joining either one of the clubs can contact the nonprofit directly at (402) 851-1160 or can send an email to

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