CDHD offers free radon test kits for residents

Published: Jan. 13, 2021 at 8:35 PM CST
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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - The Central District Health Department is offering free radon test kits for residents in Hall, Hamilton, Merrick, and Howard counties.

They receive thousands of dollars in grant money from the Department of Health of Human Services (DHHS) every year to raise awareness, and to help prevent this dangerous substance from harming more lives.

“We have a supply of short term and long term test kits,” CDHD Environmental Specialist McKenzie Hatch said. “The short-term test kits are anywhere from three to seven days in your home. The long-term test kits are 90 day tests. It suggested that you start with a short-term. If those levels are high you either need to do a short-term or long-term.”

Radon is a naturally occurring colorless, odorless gas, and it’s the second leading cause for lung cancer. Nearly 21,000 people die annually from lung cancer caused by radon exposure.

“It enters homes through basements or crawl spaces,” Hatch said. “It’s basically a break down of uranium in the soil, and it seeps into the house on the lowest level typically through cracks, holes in your foundation or crawl space.”

These kits offered by the health department can help people determine whether the cancerous gas is present in their work or living space.

“It will tell you if your levels are over the normal levels which are 4 PCI per liter,” Hatch said. “If they’re over that you can do a second test with a short-term or if you’re doing a long-term test.”

People can stop by the Central District Health Department to pick up the radon test kits. Anyone who detects Radon in their home are advised to call a mitigation specialist to install an air purifying system to get rid of it.

Here is a list of specialists featured on the DHHS website.

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