Grand Island veterans help fellow vet facing eviction

Published: Mar. 16, 2021 at 3:38 PM CDT
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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - World War II veteran Jack Wilson is facing eviction from his apartment at Regency Retirement Homes. His fellow Grand Island veterans are standing up for him and trying to get local government involved to help him stay.

Hall County Veterans Service Officer Don Shuda is just one of the many veterans backing Wilson in this battle.

“Jack deserves better than that,” Shuda said. “He served this country and now all he wants to do is live in peace.”

The group showed up to the Hall County Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday morning to ask for help keeping Wilson in his home.

“It’s always been said that you can never repay a debt to a veteran when he served his country,” Shuda said at the meeting. “I think in a small way this is a chance to show all of us this is a chance we can help this World War II veteran out.”

The board voted unanimously to draft a letter to several state leaders including the governor to see how they can help support Wilson through this process.

“If people have their wishes, Mr. Wilson will be out on the streets,” Commissioner Gary Quandt said. “It’s just plain wrong. He fought for our country and we need to fight for him.”

The terms of the eviction are a little unclear and according to Shuda the complex is not willing to clear up any confusion.

“As I looked on the court document, he was not provided a reason for the eviction,” Shuda said. “I did ask for a reason which they would not give. It says past due rent. He’s never been past due on rent. So how are you going to evict him for past due rent when he’s never been past due on his rent?”

Other veterans who spoke at the meeting also said they were denied any additional information from the apartments. Local4 also reached out to Regency on Tuesday, but did not hear back.

They have a court case against Wilson next month and his support group encourages everyone to reach out in any way they can to help.

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