CDHD to begin vaccinating as young as 18-year-olds

Published: Mar. 31, 2021 at 6:58 PM CDT
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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - The Central District Health Department is giving out vaccines much faster than they thought they would a few months back.

“It’s all based on vaccines and we’ve said that since the beginning,” CDHD Director Teresa Anderson said. “If you give us the vaccines, we will get it into people’s arms.”

The department originally thought they would be vaccinating the general public by summer time, but being so far ahead of schedule has them ready to open up their clinics to people as young as 18.

“Starting next week we are going to start with 18-year-olds and a good place for us to start is with those graduating seniors at our area high schools,” Anderson said.

Over at Grand Island Central Catholic, the staff is pretty excited about this opportunity for their students.

“Being able to get our senior students in for vaccinations will be peace of mind not only for them but probably also for the universities taking on these huge groups of students,” Principal Jordan Engle said.

For senior Molly Mueller, she was really glad to hear she’d soon be eligible.

“I was really excited because I think it’s something we all need to do that way we can all protect ourselves and protect each other,” she told Local4 News. “It’s going to make everyone feel safer to go outside and it’s just really going to get us out of our quarantine and this pandemic a lot faster.”

With a lot of big events coming up like prom and graduation, more vaccinations will make everyone feel more comfortable attending.

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