Gibbon celebrates 150th anniversary

Published: Apr. 8, 2021 at 12:13 AM CDT
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GIBBON, Neb. (KSNB) - The city of Gibbon celebrated its 150 anniversary on Wednesday. To honor the big day, organizers reached out to descendants of the original colonizers and invited them to attend the celebration.

Laura Moore was one of those descendants. She brought her family up from Kansas because she said it was a good learning opportunity for not only her sons, but herself as well. She hadn’t known her ancestors played a role in finding a new city.

The family was able to take a tour of Gibbon and walk through the streets their great, great, great ancestors once walked through as well.

Moore said she learned a lot about her family, both past and present.

“I feel like there’s this boldness and there’s this courage that comes and is shown in the people in our family,” she said. “It kind of makes sense now that we had some trailblazers, literally, in our family line. It just makes things click of where you come from.”

The ceremony resembled what the city has done every single year since 1871. That included the same readings and calling out the names of the colonists.

“The old settlers got together every anniversary of this date,” organizer and descendant Jamie Yandra said. “So April 7th everyone would gather, kids would get out of school. They would do the roll call and honor the descendants. As part of that it’s just an honor to continue that tradition.”

They also opened the Heritage Center Wednesday night to donated artifacts of the town, giving people an opportunity to see a glimpse into how they used to live.

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