Conservation Nebraska hosts clean-up in Downtown Grand Island

Published: Apr. 24, 2021 at 7:15 PM CDT
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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - After seeing trash on the streets of Grand Island, this inspired Conservation Nebraska’s Eric Davis to host a clean-up on Saturday.

“It’s not super bad but it’s nice to clean up every spring and do a spring cleaning and get things looking nice,” Davis said.

About 10 people gathered at Lions Park around 9 a.m. They grabbed trash bags and gloves and then broke into groups to tackle the cleaning.

“The plan is really bold,” Davis said. “It’s trying to clean up all of downtown and what I consider all of downtown, I thought was from like First to Fourth street.”

Grand Island Senior High Student Emily Pikop volunteered for her National Honor Society project. She was tasked with cleaning Sycamore, Eddy and Fourth streets.

“If we keep the community clean than we can take pride in it and really help people out,” Pikop said.

Conservation Nebraska does community service events like this once a month and Davis said this is another way to educate people on importance of protecting the environment.

“Litter is just gross,” Davis said. “It’s nice to show young people and the community that people actually do care and we don’t want litter on our streets.”

When trash is left around, Davis said it could eventually end up in places it shouldn’t.

“All of the litter will get blown into streams, into waterways and then eventually end up in the ocean and into Garbage Island.”

Plastic lasts forever and when it winds up in our oceans it puts our wildlife in danger.

“It’s been shown that there’s plastic particles and seafood in their guts and stuff.”

Pikop said in in order to keep our world safe, people need to take better care of the city.

“Through like volunteering like us today or even if you’re just like walking down the street picking up trash and anything like that,” Pikop said. “Recycling helps a lot too.”

For more information to look out for their next event click here.

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