‘Cruella’ opens summer box office as pandemic eases

Published: May. 28, 2021 at 9:44 AM CDT
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(AP) - No “101 Dalmatians” love is necessary to enjoy “Cruella,” available in theaters and to rent on Disney+ starting Friday.

This live-action movie starring Emma Stone and directed by Craig Gillespie (“I, Tonya”) is, at best, very loosely related to the 1961 animated film (or the 1996 live-action pic with Glenn Close for that matter).

Instead, this is a part punk, part camp origin story set in 1970s London about a girl who has dreams of designing high fashion and gets a shot from Emma Thompson’s slightly sadistic Baroness.

The fashion

The movie is less about a maniacal dalmatian-skinner than an aspiring designer with a punk sensibility out to disrupt stuffy London.

Departments like hair and makeup and costume design work overtime to blend into the fabric of the story.

But in “Cruella,” the story itself was giving them the spotlight, so the filmmakers enlisted some of the best in the businesses in costume designer Jenny Beavan and hair and makeup designer Nadia Stacey to help reimagine a punk Cruella.

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