CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Bus driver loses control, crashes into building in NY

Updated: Jun. 10, 2021 at 11:09 AM CDT
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NEW YORK (WCBS) - A New York City bus slammed into a building Monday, injuring 16 people.

Video from inside a Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus shows the chaotic scene when a driver appears to lose control and veer into oncoming traffic

The video stops as the bus plows into a brownstone.

“I looked at it go right by me and into the building,” Prentiss Mitchell, who witnessed the crash, said.

The MTA described the surveillance video as “disturbing on many levels” and said it “raises questions about whether basic safety rules were followed.”

The union representing the driver, Transport Workers Union Local 100, said the MTA is throwing him under the bus.

“We’re very upset that this video was leaked by the transit authority,” said JP Patafio with the TWU local 100.

They said the 14-year veteran with an exemplary record got up to change the bus’s run number and when he sat back down and released the emergency brake, the bus lunged forward

“He was attempting to stop the bus and it wouldn’t stop,” Patafio said. “We have to look at the design of the interior of the bus and make sure there were no mechanical issues.”

Monday, the MTA said no apparent mechanical issues were found in the 45,000-pound bus.

Sixteen people were hurt in the crash, but none were seriously injured including the driver.

“Right now he’s still recovering. He’s traumatized,” Patafio said. “There were no serious injuries or worse.”

The bus is still lodged in the building as the owner works with a city department to remove the bus safely.

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