Scanlan’s Showcase: Tate Nachtigal

This week’s highlighted athlete is Tate Nachtigal, a multi-sport athlete from Aurora
Published: Jul. 9, 2021 at 10:27 PM CDT
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Joe takes on Tate Nachtigal in a game of P-I-G

Tate Nachtigal found his passion for basketball at an early age, growing up in a household filled with basketball players.

“My parents have played basketball, and all my sisters basically play it. Going to high school I basically played every sport and it was just my favorite sport when I picked it up,” said Nachtigal.

What draws Nachtigal to basketball is the skill that’s involved in honing his skills to become an even better player.

“I enjoy like putting in time in the gym, so it’s fun like to develop those skills because it’s a very skilled game.”

At Aurora, Nachtigal not only plays basketball, but football and golf as well. He even made the State Tournament for golf last spring.

Balancing those three sports can be a challenge for many young athletes, especially when it comes to time commitment. However, Nachtigal embraces the challenge, and makes it work any way he can.

“It’s really busy, a lot in the summer. Each section of the year working on a different sport, still being able to work on basketball during football season, or golf during the fall, it’s just balancing that time management.”

As he heads into his senior year, Nachtigal is taking lessons he’s learned from his teachers and coaches to heart, as he prepares for his future.

“Don’t waste your time, because high school goes by really quick, so just high school’s a really fun time and sports are awesome and be with your teammates, definitely cherish that because it’ll go by quick.”

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