Hastings set to host Mid South Legion Baseball Regional

Published: Aug. 3, 2021 at 11:28 PM CDT
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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - After plenty of planning and waiting, the 2021 Mid South American Legion Baseball Regional kicks off Wednesday morning at Duncan Field in Hastings.

However, on Tuesday, it was all about setting the stage for the teams showing up. All of the teams are staying at the C3 Hotel, and on Tuesday afternoon, tournament staff members as well as members from the Hastings Visitors Bureau were setting up for the warm welcome.

“Anxious would be a good word for that,” said local tournament director Russ Kindig. “We’ve been watching our phones and watching the Twitter and social medias to see where the teams are at. I think our next team will be Iowa coming in here and then a bunch of teams are going to roll in here quick, and once they get here, it really gets real.”

Hastings also hosted this event in 2019, and just like a few years ago, organizers hope to showcase Hastings to the visiting teams when they have a few hours to spare.

Kasey Hermann, Iowa Team Host

“Everybody in Hastings was willing to help out, and there’s a lot going on in Hastings right now, so it’s just nice to get them out, and it’s easy to give them somewhere to cool off between their games,” said Kasey Hermann, who is the local team host for Iowa.

“The city of Hastings and hopefully restaurants are getting used a lot,” Kindig added. “You know, they’ve been really good to us with donations and that kind of stuff, so we’re going to try to repay them with the years of support that they’ve given us and just anybody in town. Hopefully it’s good for Hastings. Hopefully it’s good for the Tri-Cities and Nebraska in general.”

Although Hastings Five Points didn’t win the Nebraska State Championship, they will be playing in this week’s tournament as the host team. They take the field Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. against Missouri.

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