‘Raising Nebraska’ debuts two exhibits during the State Fair

Raising Nebraska guests check out one of the new exhibits Saturday.
Raising Nebraska guests check out one of the new exhibits Saturday.(Hailey Mach, KSNB)
Published: Sep. 4, 2021 at 10:52 PM CDT
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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - People were coming from all over the nation to check out what the Nebraska State Fair had to offer. A number of attractions on the fairgrounds were meant to help visitors as well as Nebraskans understand more about the state’s agriculture and how it impacts people globally.

Many interactive and informative exhibits could be found inside of Fonner Park’s Nebraska Building with ‘Raising Nebraska.’

Sarah Polack, experience coordinator for Raising Nebraska, said two exhibits were introduced for the first time during the State Fair. She noted that one of the attractions was a scale exhibit where people could weigh themselves in various ways, such as through bushels of corn, wheat or beans. Polack said this exhibit helped people to learn more about produce.

Another exhibit introduced during the fair was one where guests could find out where Nebraska products were shipped to across the globe.

Polack said Raising Nebraska was an important piece of the State Fair.

“We’re a great one-stop-shop showcase about what Nebraska is really about, because people either don’t know about Nebraska, or think that we’re all just corn and beef and don’t think about the other products that we grow here, how we do it,” she said.

 Polak added, people could also learn how Nebraska farmers create food that’s sustainable and cared for.

Marcia Riedy, a tenth-year volunteer for Raising Nebraska, said there was a reason she continued to come back to help out.

“This is so interesting they’ve got the — right now they’ve even added more things for children and they just keep adding more things, they truly do,” Riedy said. “They teach you about the levels of dirt, they teach you about your animals, your produce. Just everything.”

The Raising Nebraska exhibits weren’t only open for viewing during the Nebraska State Fair, the building was open for guests to enjoy year round.

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