Spirit Halloween feeling the effects of supply chain shortage

Published: Oct. 7, 2021 at 10:34 PM CDT
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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - There’s a shortage of everything these days and Halloween stores are now feeling the effects. Spirit Halloween, the only designated halloween store in Grand Island, is running low on inventory.

“We’re out of a lot of costumes, our home decor area is very thin over there,” said Store Manager Simmone Reyes.

From first glance it may look like the shelves are filled but with further analysis there’s only one or two items of each product, making it harder for people to find their size.

“A lot of people coming in here asking for like Hocus Pocus for kids. We have no Hocus Pocus for kids, so we just have to send them online,” Reyes said.

But even that’s not guaranteed.

“Now I’m starting to hear that they’re out of stock online as well,” Reyes said.

Gary Lehn, from Grand Island, was actually out looking for Hocus Pocus costumes for his entire family and said despite the circumstances, shopping was going better than expected.

“For the most part,” Lehn said. “More than i had hoped for, so that was helpful but we got a lot of work to do. I’ve got seven kids.”

Lehn is well aware of the shortage and said if couldn’t find what he needed from Spirit Halloween, he’d make it work.

“Sometimes you end up at Joann’s Fabric and you have to do a little sewing, a little hot glue but you got to do what makes it work,” Lehn said.

Reyes said if they can’t help people find what they’re looking for, she’ll send them over to Party City to see what they have.

“It is hard but we just do what we have to do,” Reyes said. “If they don’t find something they’re looking for, we try to send them to something else.”

Spirit Halloween CEO, Steven Silverstein, told NBC News they’ve only shipped around 80% of merchandise to all of its stores and blames the delay on the lack of equipment in April, sending them back four to six weeks. He said the rest should be sent the week before Halloween, which is already cutting it close.

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