Man running across the country for a cause makes a stop in central Nebraska

Published: Oct. 9, 2021 at 9:52 PM CDT
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ALDA, Neb. (KSNB) - A man set off in a run across the nation took a route through central Nebraska the weekend of October 8.


Jordan Moon is running to raise money for the American Brain Foundation and to bring awareness to mental health in honor of a friend who had died.

Moon started off his trip in San Francisco September 2 and said he had been averaging around 50 miles per day. His two friends, Cory Clarke and Cody Marsden, joined along for the journey.

Clarke and Marsden followed behind Moon in an RV during his runs to make sure he was safe. The two also helped Moon keep up on his calories, and ensured he was staying hydrated and healthy.

Clarke said he remembered when Moon had first brought up the idea for the cross-country run.

“When he approached us with it, you know, like everyone thinks in the beginning they think it’s kind of crazy but, we’ve supported him since day one and we’re happy to be out here on the road and all the way in Nebraska from San Francisco,” He said.

From the start of the trip, the crew had encountered a few difficulties. They had to reroute in California due to fires, Moon injured a tendon in his leg and they battled their way through various weather conditions.

“We got snow we got hail, crazy winds, rain — but Nebraska has been beautiful,” Moon said. “It’s been a little hot some days but, today has been a blessing.”

Despite a few obstacles along the way, Moon stressed the importance of keeping a positive mindset to make it through the entire journey.

“You can get through that tough challenge, you can get through that hard time and tomorrow might be a better day,” he said. “Tomorrow might be the best day you’ve ever had in your life but, you just have to get through that day. Don’t let it bring you down, you know, just work hard and continue to get through it.”

Prior to his injury, Moon said he had hoped to beat the world record for the number of days it took to run across the country. Moon added, he had gone through nine pairs of tennis shoes and had a couple others ordered in, waiting to be picked up in Omaha. The next state Moon and his teammates planned to travel through after Nebraska was Iowa. He said he hoped to make it to the final destination, New York City, before the snow started to fall.

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