One and Six Year Plan to bring long-awaited street improvements to Hastings

Hastings One and Six Year Street Plan approved
Published: Oct. 13, 2021 at 12:14 AM CDT
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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - The One and Six Year Plan was approved during the Hastings city council meeting Monday evening. The plan included annual road resurfacing projects to a number of streets around the city as well as other long-awaited projects.

Some of the road resurfacing were going to be on 14th Street, from North Saunders Avenue to North Burlington Avenue; 14th Street, from North Hastings Avenue to E Side Boulevard; 7th Street, from North Chestnut Avenue to North Oswego Avenue; Crane Avenue, from West Fifth Street to West 7th Street and more.

Lee Vrooman, director of engineering for the City of Hastings, said there were two of the many projects for people to look forward.

One was the sidewalk and curb ramp repair going on in the four-block radius from the downtown Hastings parking lot. The city received $425,000 for this project alone and was to complete the sidewalks and curb repairs in a timely manner.

The other Vrooman said Hastings residents could look forward to in the plan was the ‘Quiet Crossings.’ This project planned to make all crossings from North Lincoln Avenue to N Elm Avenue quiet as the trains passed through. Vrooman noted, voters made the decision to use a portion of the half-cent sales tax money to go toward the Quiet Crossings.

“They’ll be the most impactful I think to people, just because of the area of town that it’s in, very busy area of town, you know, anyone going through that part of town will definitely see the work being done,” he said.

Vrooman continued, while they were fairly confident in the plan, they were keeping other things in mind as well to make it as realistic as possible.

“I think it’s as any of the construction projects now, it’s just contractor availability and trying to get it all done in the time frame we’d like to,” he said.

Vrooman added, it was likely too late in the season to begin construction on any of the projects in the One and Six Year Plan at the time it was approved, but looked to get some of them started as the weather warmed up next year.

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