Where’s The Snow?- A Climatological Look At Snowfall This Year

January 13, 2022
Where's the snow?
Where's the snow?
Published: Jan. 13, 2022 at 6:48 PM CST
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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - After moving here from Florida 6 months ago, I pictured winter in Nebraska with, well... more snow. After all it’s been winter for 3 weeks now. I became curious to how much snow would normally have fallen by this time in January. So into the climatological closet I dove to investigate what is the usual case for snowfall this far into winter. I chose the bigger town of the Tri-cities to quench my curiosity. And the following is what I found.

Looking at the past two years it looks as if this year has been a dry winter. It’s actually was a dry fall as well. Year-to-date since July 1st we have received 3.9 inches of snow. The normal amount we would see by now is around 10.7 inches. That means we have a 6.8 inch deficit or about 36% of we what we would typically see. But looking at the last two years, we were running ahead at this time. A 3 inch surplus last year and a 6 inch surplus back in 2020. But what about normal snowfall for the first two weeks of January?

What I found is that even though we are 2.2 inches behind this year, it has been the same case for the past 2 years. I guess the first half of January is not very snowy. Okay...so it’s not what I expected living in the mid-latitudes in winter. I dug a little further into the records wardrobe to see what the extremes are for snowfall in the Third City. Come to find out, the highest snowfall for year-to-date since July 1st was 40.7 inches in 1974. The lowest was a trace back in 1907. And for the for the first two weeks in January, the highest on record is 11 inches set in 2011. The least amount of snowfall belongs to 1958 when absolutely nothing fell in the first half of the first month.

My curiosity was resolved after this. Every year is different I suppose. It just happens that this year, my first winter in Nebraska, has been a dry one. But I’m not complaining. Trust me. I like driving on pavement I can see.

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